Spending time with the person you like or love does not have to be always expensive. It also does not have to be done outside. A fancy restaurant has always been associated with steady couples, dating lovebirds and even pairs who are yet to become an item. Cinemas also attract many couples and are considered a perfect place to cuddle and just be near each other.

But if you are also looking for a quality and funny movie, then assembling a selection of romantic comedy flicks from time to time is not such a bad idea after all. Even guys will surely enjoy it, what with the fact that it is one of those chances they get to sit right next to their ladies.

Don't pretend to be so macho now and say that you don't dig watching romantic comedy films. Check the following items and see how a movie date can change your mind forever.

If you love humor so much, then, There's Something About Mary has to top your list. This 1998 romantic comedy film which stars Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz will hit the center part of your and your date's funny bone as the dating disguise tactics and suitors of Mary offered something for audience to laugh about through the years even up to now.

Did I say "comeback" the last time? I guess, it was only true for that moment. I went into a deep hiatus once again. God knows what tribulation I've been through on that facet of my life. But I don't want to dwell on it anymore. There is so much more to live for and to keep going.

Now, I return with a fresh sense of commitment to love and enjoy life, as well as all the things that surround me… be it good or bad. Like how the Germans would say it, "So ist das leben!"

And thus, I move forward.

It would've been nicer if there were posts following the last one for Valentine's Day. But, there's this video that has so much moral lessons and reality in it which makes it worth posting - here...that is, after a long absence. It actually works as a great comeback for this blog.